MD the brand
MD / Moto Doll is the moto inspired lifestyle brand founded by Jacinta Siracusa
aka @Moto_Doll on instagram & socials



Moto Doll is a brand with a difference

We have a mission to leave this world a better place than we found it so as a community we will donate 20% of all sales profits to charity. 10% specifically to a grass roots charity that works with and supports women and children who have been victims of domestic violence in Australia and the other 10% to an international children's organisation that works with abused children or orphans.

The MD/MotoDoll defined:

A MotoDoll is a babein’ individual who isn’t afraid to go against the grain. Break the mould. 
Empowered. Strong. Bold. Resilient.
Lover of life. Daughter of freedom. Chaser of adventure.
Rider. Dreamer. Passionate. Woman.

The MD/MotoDoll Man defined:

A MotoDoll Man is a Legend who loves to see women empowered. He encourages her to go after her dreams and he supports her to pursue her passions. He respects her in every sense which make him a true Man.

Mission Defined:

To encourage, empower and motivate women to follow that inner desire to ‘do something for themselves and be the woman she always dreamt of being’.

To unite the community regardless of gender or age
To support women and children who have been victims of domestic abuse. 
To be an example of Yeshua’s love, & how He gave us the finest example of that, when He walked this earth - to help the poor & needy and to judge no-one by their look, lifestyle or 'scene' they are in. 
To make a positive difference in the world…
even if that is just one person’s life.


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